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Organization of the Constitutional Court

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The organizational structure of the Constitutional Court has a dual nature, which allows to distinguish between an organizational structure in the exercise of the judicial function and an organizational structure in the exercise of internal functions of management and administration.

The court organizational structure is composed by the bodies in which the Court acts in the exercise of its judicial functions through the several constitutional processes: Plenary, Chambers and Sections. In addition to these organs, it may also be included in that structure - referred to the Court support bodies - those bodies which are entrusted with assistance in the exercise of the Court’s function. This condition is to be predicated of the General Secretariat, the Registrar, the General Register and the General Archive.

Internal organizational structure consists in the Tribunal departments which develop functions of management and administration: Plenary, President; Vice President; the Governing Board; the Secretary General and, where appropriate, by delegation of the latter, the Deputy Secretary General. Also integrate the administrative structure, those different services and units that depend on the General Secretariat.