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Governing Board

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The Governing Board is composed of the President, Vice President, two judges and the Secretary General, who acts as Secretary and attends meetings with voice but no voting right.

The Governing Board has the following powers:

  • a) Approve the rules of competitions and calls for positions may be appointed for the incorporation of staff, official or working in the service of the Court, except for the rules of the competition of competitions for entry into the Letrados body;
  • b) Determine the composition of committees valuation have to propose the resolution of contests in the preceding paragraph refers;
  • c) To be informed, where provided the President, the state of the implementation of the Court's budget;
  • d) To know, prior to the approval thereof, the records of expenditure exceeds the amount determined by the Plenum amount;
  • e) Any other functions as may be assigned by the Rules of Organization and Personnel of the Court or the President's proposal, by the plenary.

The topics under discussion and the resolutions adopted by the Governing Board have to communicate to all judges.