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Public Procurement Committee

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Agreement of 20 May 2022, of the Presidency of the Constitutional Court, determining the composition of the Public Procurement Committee (Spanish Official State Gazette no. 130. of 1 June 2022).

In exercise of the powers assigned to the Presidency of the Constitutional Court in Article 14(k) of the Rules on the Organisation and Personnel of the Constitutional Court, in accordance with the provisions of Article 326 of Law 9/2017, of 8 November, on Public Sector Contracts, and for the exercise of the functions provided for therein, I hereby determine the composition of the Public Procurement Committee of the Constitutional Court, whose members, appointed on a permanent basis, are listed below, with an expression of the position they hold:

President: Mr. Carlos Fernández-Peinado Martínez, Manager of the Constitutional Court.

Ms. Marta Hidalgo López, Financial Controller;
Ms. María José García-Valdecasas Dorrego, Legal Counsel;
Mr. Daniel de Ocaña Lacal, Chief Archivist; and
Mr. Francisco Javier Nogales Prados, Head of the Economic Affairs and Accounting Unit.
Secretary: Ms. Vicenta Semedo Jerez, Management Administrative Officer.

In the event of vacancy, absence or illness of any of the full members, the alternate members of the Public Procurement Committee, shall be as follows.

President: Mr. Luis Pomed Sánchez, Legal Counsel - Head of the Constitutional Doctrine Service.

Mr. José María Utande San Juan, Legal Counsel, as substitute for Ms. Marta Hidalgo López; and Mr. Miguel Hernández Serna, Legal Counsel, as substitute for Ms. María José García-Valdecasas Dorrego.
Secretary: Ms. Claudia Muñoz Gómez, Management Administrative Officer.

This Agreement will be published in the Official State Gazette and in the Public Procurement Portal of the Constitutional Court.

Madrid, 20 May 2022. The President of the Constitutional Court, B.O. (Agreement of 28 March 2017), the Secretary General, Andrés Javier Gutiérrez Gil.