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Secretary General

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The Constitutional Court has a Secretary General, elected by the plenary and appointed by the President from among the lawyers serving the Court who had been in office a minimum of at least three years. The Secretary General’s mandate is for three years.

The Secretary General is responsible, among others, the following functions of management and administration:

  • a) Assist, where provided the President with voice but no vote at meetings of the governmental plenary, playing the role of Secretary;
  • b) To keep the records of gubernatorial plenary and extend the corresponding certificates;
  • c) The contracting functions delegated by the President;
  • d) Assist as Secretary to meetings of the Governing Board with no voting rights;
  • e) The management and coordination of the services of the Court, without prejudice to the direct responsibility of those who hold the leadership of each service and unity;
  • f) The top leadership and discipline of personnel working for the Court, exercising the powers not attributed to the House or the President;
  • g) Propose the basis of competitions and calls for positions may be appointed for the incorporation of staff, official or working in the service of the Court;
  • h) To decide on requests for authorization for the exercise of teaching or research functions, where these would not last for more than ten days;
  • i) The administration of credits for expenses of the budget of the Court;
  • j) Authorization of expenditure;
  • k) The management of payments;
  • l) The collection, classification and publication of the constitutional doctrine of the Court.