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23/03/2017 - The Constitutional Court holds a minute´s silence to remember the victims of the London attack

15/03/2017 - Taking of office of the new Judges of the Constitutional Court, at its XII renovation

03/03/2017 - The TC grants leave to proceed to the unconstitutionality appeal lodged by Grupo Popular against the reform of the Valencia Act regulating the Appointment of Senators

10/02/2017 - UE directives are binding regardless not having been transposed if the state has missed the deadline to do so

03/02/2017 - The TC grants leave to proceed to Podemos´s appeal against the reform of the tourism arrangement Act of the Canary Islands

03/02/2017 - The TC grants leave to proceed to the Government´s appeal against the Basque Act on Comprehensive Assitance for Drug Dependence

27/01/2017 - The Constitutional Court aknowledges the discrimination of a woman that could not improve her working conditions because of being absent for high-risk pregnancy

24/01/2017 - The Constitutional Court asserts that the presumption of innocence is infringed when doubts about the involvement in the incident are raised

18/01/2017 - The Constitutional Court dismissed an amparo appeal concerning a sanction for criticising a political party through the media

30/12/2016 - Execution powers attributed to the Constitutional Court by the Law aimed to ensure the compliance of its resolutions

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