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The following page only contains the translated press releases. You can find all the press releases published by the Court in their original version on the website. Click here to see all the press releases (Spanish)

Latests press releases

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12/03/2019 - The Plenary of the Constitutional Court Will examine the appeal of unconstitutionality brought by the Spanish Ombudsman against art. 58 bis. 1 of the Electoral Law, which allows political parties to collect internet users' political opinions

11/03/2019 - The Plenary of the Constitutional Court has declared the invalidity of a decision rendered by a judge that ignored the primacy of EU law and refused to examine the abusive nature of a contractual clause

07/03/2019 - The Constitutional Court celebrates International Women's Day: "There is still much to be done to achieve equality and it belongs to us women to stand up for it"

05/03/2019 - The Constitutional Court declares that Law 5/2018, which sets out inmediate measures to recover illegally occupied properties, does not infringe the right to the inviolability of the home or the decent housing

04/03/2019 - The Constitutional Court upholds the right to communicate information of a journalist and declares the invalidity of a judgement that convicted him for illicit disclosure of secrets

01/03/2019 - The Constitutional Court rules out, in general terms, the use of hidden cameras for journalistics purposes, considering that it constitutes an illegitimate interference with the rights to privacy and to one's own image

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