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08/11/2017 - The TC declares de unconstitutionality and nullity of the catalonian "legal transience" act, and recalls that the right of autonomy "is not and cannot be mistaken for sovereignty"

17/10/2017 - The TC declares the referendum act unconstitutional and null and void, advising that "a public power that expressly refuses to follow the law is in turn depriving itself of any binding authority"

10/02/2017 - UE directives are binding regardless not having been transposed if the state has missed the deadline to do so

27/01/2017 - The Constitutional Court aknowledges the discrimination of a woman that could not improve her working conditions because of being absent for high-risk pregnancy

24/01/2017 - The Constitutional Court asserts that the presumption of innocence is infringed when doubts about the involvement in the incident are raised

18/01/2017 - The Constitutional Court dismissed an amparo appeal concerning a sanction for criticising a political party through the media

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