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Service of Management

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The position of Manager of the Constitutional Court is provided by public competition, corresponding to the President to appoint the proposed candidate and with agreement of the Plenary, its removal and reinstatement to the Administration of origin.

A Manager is responsible, without prejudice to the powers and duties assigned to the various governing bodies of the Court, the following functions:

  • a) The financial and accounting management;
  • b) Enabling personnel and material;
  • c) Personnel management;
  • d) The conservation and maintenance of facilities;
  • e) The immediate head of Archives and those other general services that have not been assigned to other units or services of the Court;
  • f) To assist the Secretary General in the exercise of its powers of financial, economic and personal;
  • g) Processing and proposed resolution of cases, except for disciplinary affecting the service itself;
  • h) The performance of acts of management or execution entrusted to the President or the Secretary General.