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Members of the Constitutional Court are to be appointed from among Spanish citizens who are judges, prosecutors, university professors, public officials or lawyers, all them lawyers of recognized competence with more than fifteen years of professional practice or active in their respective function.

The appointment as Judge of the Constitutional Court is for a period of nine years, renewing the Court by thirds every three years. No Judge can be proposed for another immediate period, except he/she had held the position for a term not exceeding three years.

The position of Judge of the Constitutional Court is incompatible with the position of Ombudsman; of Senator; with any political or administrative position of the State, the autonomous regions, provinces or other local entities; with the exercise of any jurisdiction or activity of judicial or prosecutorial career; with jobs of all kinds in the Courts of any court order; with the performance of leadership roles in political parties, unions, associations, foundations and professional associations and all kinds of employment in the service thereof; and the performance of professional or commercial activities. In all other aspects, members of the Constitutional Court shall also be applicable incompatibilities of members of the judiciary.

Judges of the Constitutional Court cease by resignation accepted by the President of the Court, on expiry of his appointment or by incurring in any cause of disability as those provided for members of the Judiciary, for incompatibility, by neglecting diligently the duties of his office, for violating their own reserve function or for having been declared civilly liable for fraud or convicted of a willful or gross negligence crime.

Judges of the Constitutional Court perform their duties in accordance with the principles of impartiality and dignity inherent therein; they can not be prosecuted for opinions expressed in the exercise of their functions; They are immovable and can not be dismissed or suspended but for any of the reasons mentioned above.