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Salaries and allowances

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 Annual remuneration of senior officials of the Constitutional Court

Salary Other complements ​TOTAL ANUAL REVENUE
​Article 5.1.2 of the Decree Law 4/2020, dated January 21st 2020 ​​
​President 44.957,22 111.213,90 156.171,12
​Vice-President ​​​44.957,22 101.838,10 146.795,32
​President of a Section 44.957,22 92.573,32 139.613,04
​Magistrate ​​​44.957,22 87.473,9 132.431,18
​Secretary General* ​37.569,28 ​78.524,88 116.094,16


* In accordance with Article 26.2 of the Regulation on the Organisation and Personnel of the Constitutional Court, the Deputy Secretary General is entitled to the same payment conditions as the ones granted to the Secretary General.

Compensation received by senior officials of the Constitutional Court upon termination of their mandate

Pension benefits for the departing President

As established by the fifth additional provision of Law 21/1986 (dated 23 December 1986) on the State General Budget for the year 1987, the members of the Constitutional Court who have served in the capacity of President shall be entitled to receive – in accordance with the first paragraph of article 10, number 5 of Law 74/1980 (dated 29 December 1981) on the State General Budget for the year 1981 – a pension benefit at the end of their mandate. This allowance shall be paid in the form of a monthly instalment allocated for a period equal to the period of the mandate served, subject to a maximum of 24 months. The amount of the contribution shall represent one-twelfth of the President's total remuneration budgeted in the applicable reference period. This compensatory pension is subject to the incompatibility regime established in Article 1 of Decree-Law 20/2012 (dated 13 July 2012) on measures to guarantee budgetary stability and promote competitiveness, as well as in the first additional provision of Law 3/2015 (dated 30 March 2015) governing the performance of the duties of senior officials in the General State Administration and in the second additional provision of the Regulation on the Organisation and Personnel of the Constitutional Court.

By virtue of the aforementioned provisions, the monthly payments corresponding to the departure of the last incumbent President Emeritus – H.E. M. Francisco Pérez de los Cobos Orihuel – shall begin to be paid as from 15 March 2017, the date on which he ceased to hold office as President of the Constitutional Court and shall terminate on 14 March 2019 (period from 1 to 14 March). For information purposes, the payments corresponding to this pension benefit included in the Budget of the Constitutional Court amount to 99,735.58 euros (financial year 2017, 126,597.60 euros (financial year 2018) and 25.864,03 euros (financial year 2019).