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Procurement regime of the Constitutional Court

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Legislative Royal Decree 3/2011 of 14 November, approving the revised text of the Law on Public Sector Contracts approved, applies to all entities, agencies and entities in the public sector and among them to the competent bodies of the Constitutional Court, in the terms in its first additional (bis) provision, which regulates those contracts necessary for the fulfillment and realization of its institutional purposes.

The President of the Constitutional Court exercises its representation (of the Organic Law 2/1979, of October 3rd, on the Constitutional Court) and is responsible for exercising the functions of Contracting Authority [art. 14.k) of the Rules of Organization and Personnel of the Constitutional Court], which may delegate to the Secretary General [art. 16.1.b) of the Regulation], as has so happened by President of the Court Resolution of June 21st, 2013 (BOE no. 153 of 27 June).

Moreover, unless where the power to contract is assigned to an specific Contracting Committee, in open, restricted and negotiated with publicity contracts and facultatively in the remaining negotiated procedures, the contracting authorities shall be assisted by a Court’s Contracting Committee , which will be the body responsible for evaluating the tenders. This is composed by a President, a few members and a Secretary (art. 320 of the revised text of the Law on Public Sector Contracts). By Resolution of February 1th, 2016, the President of the Constitutional Court, established the composition of the Contracting Committee of the Constitutional Court (BOE no. 34 of 9 February).

Finally, and in order to ensure transparency and public access to the contractual activity of the authorities, agencies and entities that are part of the public sector, contracting authorities have to become known via Internet, their Contractor Profile, and how to access to it in the tender documents and notices. The contractor profile must include: the contracts effectively awarded and any other information regarding the contractual activity of the contracting authority, such as prior information notices; open or ongoing tenders and documentation relating thereto; future contracts schedule; contracts awarded; procedures canceled; and any useful general information, such as contact points and communication means that can be used to be in contact with he contracting authority (arts. 53 and 141 of the Consolidated Law on Public Sector Contracts).

The tables in this section show the information regarding the contractual activity of the Constitutional Court, as required by Law 19/2013, of December 9th , on transparency, access to information and good governance.