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The provisions of Chapter 4 of the Constitutional Court budget include those relating to the nominative subsidiy in favor of the Association of Lawyers of the Constitutional Court. This grant, which appears as such in the budgets of the Court since 1997, reached in 2009 an amount of 24,000 euros, decreasing to 20,000 euros in 2011 and reaching the current amount of 18,000 euros (2013).

Through this grant the Court contributes to the costs of organizing the workshop that, on an annual basis, celebrates the aforementioned Association. The obligations which assume the Association with the perception of this grant are:

  • Accreditation to the Constitutional Court of the fulfillment of such activities, providing presentations, communications and conclusions of the relevant working sessions to be publisehd by the Constitutional Court, if appropriate, as a unitary work.
  • Submit to verification actions that the Constitutional Court may exercise in accordance with General Budget Act and the General Law on Subsidies.
  • Accreditation to the Constitutional Court that the amount of the subsidy granted does not exceed, individually or together with grants or subsidies from other public administrations or other public or private, national or international entities, the cost of activities developed, in accordance with the Association of Lawyers rules.

In the framework of assumed the commitments, and for the purposes stated above, the Association of Lawyers provides each year supporting documentation of the costs incurred in the development of those activities to which the grant is intended to finance.