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Memoria de liquidación presupuestaria 2021

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Information updated on 07-06-2022

In accordance with Article 2(k) of the Rules of the Organisation and Personnel of the Constitutional Court, the Plenary of the Court, during its meeting held on 10 May 2022, adopted a Resolution whereby it validated the settlement of the Court's budget for the year 2021. This document was prepared and submitted by the services of the General Secretariat.

The report prepared for this purpose is detailed below and includes the following information under three different sections:

1. Budget Implementation. This section contains the general data on the implementation of the 2021 budget, its internal structure across the different budgetary chapters, the model through which the Court's budgetary management has been developed and the data referring to the volume and typology of accounting documents into which this management has further been translated. The complete information on the detail of all accounting movements per budgetary application resulting from the corresponding computer application of the Court, as well as the reflection of these movements in the daily operations of the Accounting Information System (SIC´3) of the General State Administration is contained in the related annexes that were brought to the attention of the Plenary.

2. Comparative Figures for the Period 2020/2021. This section analyses the main figures relating to the budget settlement for 2021, comparing them with those for 2020. The analyses of the different budgetary chapters are structured in two subsections, concerning the final credits and the incurred expenses.

3. Final Credits and Expenditure for the Five-year Period 2017/2021. The analysis of the budgetary evolution of the Constitutional Court in the series of the last five financial years is structured under three sections: general analysis, chapters and large groupings of expenditure.

The report also contains two annexes, including the 2021 budget settlement table, which compares, with regard to the different budgetary applications, the budget allocations (initial, amendments and final) and the expenditure incurred, as well as detailed information on the main groups of expenditure.


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