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04/02/2019 - The Constitutional Court upholds the appeal of two MPs and nullifies the decision of the Bureau of a Regional Parliament that paralysed a commission of inquiry

30/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court communicates on the last procedural document concerning M. Junqueras, stressing the complexity and relevance of the appeal HE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT COMMUNICATES ON THE LAST PROCEDURAL DOCUMENT CONCERNING M. JUNQUERAS, STRESSING THE COMPLEXITY AND RELEVANCE OF THE APPEAL

25/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court upholds the different legal regime of the judicial acts of notice and of the actual notification of judgments

23/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court declares the unconstitutionality of the electronic general register of last wills of Catalonia

21/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court will examine the amparo appeal filed by Puigdemont against the decision of the Supreme Court that suspended him from public office

28/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court annuls some sections of Catalan Law 15/2017, on the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia, because it invades State prerogatives

28/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court will examine the amparo appeal brought by Serret y Comín against the Supreme Court´s decisions that refused to examine the motion to disqualify Judge Llarena

27/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court has partially upheld to Government´s appeal against motion 5/XII of the Parliament of Catalonia, which intended to ratify the objective of the Independence process

21/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court annuls the resolution of the Valencian Parliament that declared the responsability of the Metro´s Head of Human Ressources for the 2006 accident, for the violation of its right to honour

21/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court declares the invalidity of several provisions of Law 9/2017, regulating bullfights and the protection of animals in the Balearic Islands, because it infringes State prerogatives

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