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"Article 53: Public Procurement Portal.

1. In order to ensure transparency and access to information concerning the contractual activities of public entities, and without prejudice to the use of other means of advertising in the cases specified in this law or in the regional regulations applicable to the aforementioned entities, the contracting authorities of the State shall make available, by electronic means, a website section dedicated to public procurement procedures. The modalities on how to access this Public Procurement Portal must be detailed and kept up to date on the institutional websites of public sector entities, on the National Public Procurement Platform ("Plataforma de Contratación del Estado") and in all related documents and competition notices.

2. The Public Procurement Portal may include all data and information concerning the public authority's contractual activity, such as the pre-information notices referred to in Article 141, calls for tenders - whether planned or in progress - and their related documents, contracts concluded, procedures cancelled and any other general information of interest, such as contact details or any other relevant communication details for the follow-up of all the projects under the contracting board´s responsibility. In all cases, the allocation of public procurement contracts must be published on the Public Procurement Portal.

3. The IT system set up for the management of the Public Procurement Portal must necessarily include a mechanism enabling the certification of the initial date of the public release of the information it contains.

4. The publication, through the Public Procurement Portal, of the information concerning the allocation procedures will produce the legal effects provided for in Title I of Book III.

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