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"The Constitutional Courts and foreign citizens"

Madrid, 25-27 September 2008

The 10th Meeting of the Constitutional Courts of Spain, Italy and Portugal was held in Madrid on 25, 26 and 27 September 2008.

On this occasion the presentations focused on the question: "The Constitutional Courts and foreign citizens". Throughout the day on Friday 26th, the delegations from Italy, Portugal and Spain presented their papers, which were subsequently debated by the participants.

The Italian delegation was led by its President Franco Bile, its Vice-President Giovanni Maria Flick, as well as the Magistrates, Francesco Amirante, Paolo Maddalena and Alfonso Quaranta. The Portuguese delegation was chaired by the President of the Constitutional Court, Rui Moura Ramos, accompanied by three Magistrates: Carlos Pamplona de Oliveira, Maria Lúcia Amaral and Maria Joao Antunes.

The Spanish paper, which is enclosed, was presented by the President of the Constitutional Court, María Emilia Casas Baamonde.

The next Trilateral meeting of Spain, Italy and Portugal will be held in Lisbon next year 2009.