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"Human dignity as a constitutional principle"

Rome, 1-3 octobre 2007

The 9th meeting of the Constitutional Courts of Spain, Italy and Portugal was held in Rome on 1, 2 and 3 October 2007. The Spanish delegation included the President, María Emilia Casas Baamonde, the Vice-President, Guillermo Jiménez Sánchez, as well as the Magistrates, Elisa Pérez Vera and Manuel Aragón Reyes.

The theme of the meeting, "Human dignity as a constitutional principle", was the occasion for an intense and fruitful exchange of experiences and opinions between the three delegations, based on the documents prepared by them.

The presentation of the Spanish document, which is attached as an annex, was made by the Vice-President of the Constitutional Court. The next trilateral meeting - Spain, Italy and Portugal - will be hosted by Spain in 2008.