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The President of the Constitutional Court participates in the Senate to the inauguration of the International Constitutional Congress

Madrid, October 4th 2018

The President of the Constitutional Court, M. Juan José González Rivas, participated to the inauguration of the International Constitutional Congress, held in the Palace of the Senate (Madrid) as part of the events commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. During his intervention, he emphasized the importance of the Constitution of 1978 in the lives of several generations of Spaniards, as it constituted the foundation of substantive changes at different levels. Likewise, "it strengthened Spain's international relations by playing a particularly important role in our complete reincorporation into Europe and in the resumption of our relationships with Latin America".

President González Rivas also referred to the significance of carrying out an analysis of the present and future of our Constitution, which "should be aimed at affirming the strength and the durability of the constitutional text as well as its openness towards the future and its capacity to reform itself".

González Rivas también se ha referido a la importancia de realizar un examen de presente y del futuro de nuestra Constitución que "debería encaminarse a reivindicar la solidez y vocación de durabilidad del texto constitucional y su apertura hacia lo venidero y su propia capacidad de reforma".