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"Social benefits and citizenship".

Rome, 6-8 october 2016

The Constitutional Court participated in the 18th meeting of the Constitutional Courts of Spain, Italy and Portugal, which was held this year in Rome under the theme "Social Benefits and Citizenship". This conference is an opportunity to share experiences and legal opinions on disputes settled by constitutional courts.

In this edition, the Constitutional Court delegation included the President, Francisco Pérez de los Cobos, the Vice-President, Adela Asua, Magistrates Juan José González Rivas and Ricardo Enríquez. The Vice-President of the Court was invited to present the paper "The right to enjoy rights: participation and social cohesion in the Spanish constitutional system".

The 19th edition of the trilateral meeting will be held next year in Spain.

Full text of the Italian Constitutional Court's paper.

Full text of the Portuguese Constitutional Court's paper.