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"Constitutional Courts and European Constitutions"

Madrid, 2-4 November 2005

On 2, 3 and 4 November, the working seminar of the Constitutional Courts of Italy, Portugal and Spain was held in Madrid. On this occasion the purpose of the seminar was to analyse the theme "Constitutional Courts and European Constitutions".

The Italian delegation was represented by Ms. Fernanda Contri, Vice President, Mr. Annibale Marini, Magistrate, Mr. Ugo de Siervo, Magistrate, Mr. Pierfelice Pratis, Secretary General and Ms. Maria Antonieta Biasella, Chief of Protocol. The Portuguese delegation was represented by Mr. Artur de Faria Mauricio, President, Mr. Rui Moura Ramos, Vice President, Mr. Paulo Mota Pinto, Magistrate and Mr. Carlos Veloso eBrito, Chief of Cabinet.