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11/11/2016 - The Constitutional Court sustains that the new measures about compliance of its decisions respect the Constitution

20/10/2016 - The Constitutional Court asserts the Generalitat competence in public shows does not include prohibiting bullfights, declared intangible cultural heritage.

06/10/2016 - The Constitutional Court unanimously agrees on informing the Public Prosecution about the performance of the president of the Parliament of Catalonia in order to establish her criminal responsability for not complying the court’s decision that nullifies the 236/xi resolution.

01/08/2016 - The Plenary meeting of the TC suspends the declaration iussued by the catalonian Parliament and commences proceedings to adopt the measures foreseen in art. 92 LOTC

29/07/2016 - The TC endorses practically the entire reform of the Nacional Health System.

29/07/2016 - The TC partly upholds the appeal brought against judicial frees, on the grounds that their amount infringes the right to effective judicial protection.

27/07/2016 - El The TC repeals the Decree that reformed the Act on the restitution of assets seized from trade unions and similiar associations.

27/07/2016 - El TC confirma la condena impuesta a Tasio Erkiza por The TC upholds the conviction ordered against Tasio Erkizia Almandoz for his glorification of terrorism.

18/07/2016 - The TC analyses the activity of the Study Commission for the Constituent Process, created by the Catalonian Parliament, and unanimously demands that it uphold the Spanish Constitution.

15/07/2016 - The Constitutional Court holds a minute’s silence to honour the victims of the Nice attack

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