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25/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court upholds the different legal regime of the judicial acts of notice and of the actual notification of judgments

23/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court declares the unconstitutionality of the electronic general register of last wills of Catalonia

21/01/2019 - The Constitutional Court will examine the amparo appeal filed by Puigdemont against the decision of the Supreme Court that suspended him from public office

28/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court annuls some sections of Catalan Law 15/2017, on the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia, because it invades State prerogatives

28/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court will examine the amparo appeal brought by Serret y Comín against the Supreme Court´s decisions that refused to examine the motion to disqualify Judge Llarena

27/12/2018 - The Constitutional Court has partially upheld to Government´s appeal against motion 5/XII of the Parliament of Catalonia, which intended to ratify the objective of the Independence process

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