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12/03/2019 - The Plenary of the Constitutional Court Will examine the appeal of unconstitutionality brought by the Spanish Ombudsman against art. 58 bis. 1 of the Electoral Law, which allows political parties to collect internet users' political opinions

11/03/2019 - The Plenary of the Constitutional Court has declared the invalidity of a decision rendered by a judge that ignored the primacy of EU law and refused to examine the abusive nature of a contractual clause

05/03/2019 - The Constitutional Court declares that Law 5/2018, which sets out inmediate measures to recover illegally occupied properties, does not infringe the right to the inviolability of the home or the decent housing

04/03/2019 - The Constitutional Court upholds the right to communicate information of a journalist and declares the invalidity of a judgement that convicted him for illicit disclosure of secrets

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