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11/02/2020 - Release of the Operative part. The Plenary of the Constitutional Court has unanimously declared the termination of the enforcement proceedings filed by the Government against the agreements of the Bureau of the Catalonian Parliament accepting a motion of Independence

11/02/2020 - Release of the operative part. The Plenary of the Constitutional Court unanimously upholds enforcement proceedings again and withdraws testimony of the public prosecutor to investigate if criminal actions may be initiated against members of the Catalonian Parliament for processing a resolution that insisted on self-determination

07/02/2020 - The Plenary of the Constitutional Court unanimously dismissed the appeal for amparo filed by Puigdemont against the suspension of his public office as a member of Parliament because it was presented at an early stage of the process

05/02/2020 - The President of the Constitutional Court thanked the dedication of the emeritus judges on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary: "Thanks to their efforts, the constitutional principles and rights have been made effective"

05/02/2020 - The Plenary of the Constitutional Court declares the first paragraph of article 454 bis (1) of the Civil Procedure Act unconstitutional and void for preventing the appeal of certain decisions made by court clerks

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