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31/07/2017 - The Constitutional Court dismisses the request for constitutional protection lodged by Juana Rivas as she has failed to previously exhaust her appeal options before ordinary courts

27/07/2017 - The Constitutional Court declares that managment of aid for the unemployed who have exhausted their unemployment benefit is the responsibility of the autonomous regions

24/07/2017 - The Constitutional Court admits the appeals lodged by the Ombudsman and Podemos against the second amendment to the Forestry Law of the Principality of Asturias

24/07/2017 - The Constitutional Court admits the Government´s appeal against various precepts within the Andalusian budgetary Law for 2017

24/07/2017 - The constitutional Court admits the Government´s appeals against the regulation governing the working day of public employees in the Autonomous Government of Andalusia

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