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03/05/2016 - The TC grants protection to a deputy of the Madrid Assembly who expelled from the Plenary Meeting and suspended from office for one month.

28/04/2016 - A claim for damage during a strike requires verification that the civilly liable party activey participated in the events.

27/04/2016 - The TC partly lifts the interim suspension of the Act reforming the Catalonian Consumer Code.

25/04/2016 - The TC declares the unconstitutionality of the Act forbidding "fracking" in Catalonia.

19/04/2016 - The TC annuls the reform of the General Subsidy Act, approved by Decree, because the Government did not sufficiently justify is urgency.

15/04/2016 - The TC grants leave to proceed to the appeal brought by the "Podemos" Parliamentary Group against the reform of the Madrid Land Act.

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