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18/05/2016 - The TC unanimously endorses the constitutionality of the financing of the Valencian Regional foreseen in the 2016 Act on General State Budgts.

11/05/2016 - Jurisdiccional control over declared states of alert is entrusted to the Constitucional Court.

09/05/2016 - The TC dimisses the appeal brought by teh Government of the Canary Islands against the Act State Action and Foreign Service.

06/05/2016 - The TC repeals the Act regulating the economic marital regime of Valencia, as it invades State competence in civil legislation matters.

06/05/2016 - The TC annuls a section of the Generalitat's Budget Act, allowing an increase in public expense related to staff, which is forbidden by the State.

03/05/2016 - The TC grants leave to proceed to the Government's appeal againt the Act of the Basque Conuntry regulating the use of "fracking".

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