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13/09/2017 - The Constitutional Court has set a 48-hour deadline for the electoral institution of Catalonia to inform about the measures it has adopted in order to implement the suspensión of Resolution 807/XI by the Parliament of Catalonia

12/09/2017 - The Constitutional Court of Spain, by unanimity, suspends in a precautionary manner Catalonia´s transitional law by granting Goverment´s appeal leave to proceed

07/09/2017 - Acting by unanimity, the Constitutional Court grants leave to proceed to the appeals concerning the call and preparatory arrangements of the referendum, which are precautionarily suspended

07/09/2017 - Upon request by the Government, the Constitutional Court initiates enforcement proceedings concerning several decisions of the Bureau of the Parliament of Catalonia

07/09/2017 - The Constitutional Court wholly dismisses, via a unanimous decision, the recusal lodged by the President of the Catalonian Parliament against the twelve Magistrate Judges

16/08/2017 - The Constitutional Court dismisses the appeal for review lodged by the Regional Government of Catalonia against the interim suspension of the reform of the regulation on the Parliament of Catalonia

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