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14/03/2018 - The Court grants leave to proceed to the action of unconstitutionalily brought by Unidos Podemos against the Law on Public Procurement

14/03/2018 - The Court rules that the Parliament of Catalonia breached the right of members of Parliament when it denied the issuance of a report by its advisory body concerning the Law on legal transition

12/03/2018 - The Court declares invalid a Regional Parliament decision that prevented a Trade Union´s participation in the board of directors of a regional public TV

09/03/2018 - Preventing a detained person to be informed of the grounds of his arrest might breach his fundamental right

07/03/2018 - The Constitutional Court of Spain, by unanimity, rejects the request for the release of Jordi Sánchez

06/03/2018 - The Constitutional Court of Spain, by unanimity, grants leave to proceed to the Socialist Party´s appeal for constitutional protection against the postponement of the investiture session of the President of the Government of Catalonia

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