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15/03/2018 - The Constitutional Court rules that the Basque law on addictions does not invade State competences if it is limited to provide that the purpose of cannabis associations is to collaborate with the health administration

14/03/2018 - The Court grants leave to proceed to the action of unconstitutionalily brought by Unidos Podemos against the Law on Public Procurement

14/03/2018 - The Court rules that the Parliament of Catalonia breached the right of members of Parliament when it denied the issuance of a report by its advisory body concerning the Law on legal transition

12/03/2018 - The Court declares invalid a Regional Parliament decision that prevented a Trade Union´s participation in the board of directors of a regional public TV

09/03/2018 - Preventing a detained person to be informed of the grounds of his arrest might breach his fundamental right

07/03/2018 - The Constitutional Court of Spain, by unanimity, rejects the request for the release of Jordi Sánchez

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