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06/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court grants leave to proceed to the appeal brought by Turull and Rull against the Supreme Court´s decision to maintain their remand detention

05/06/2018 - The Plenary Session of the Constitutional Court calls on the Government of Catalonia to submit its arguments in several pending appeals of unconstitutionality stalled due to the enforcement of article 155 of the Constitution

31/05/2018 - The Constitutional Court confirms that the removal, limitation or distribution of regulatory powers within the Autonomous Communities may only be done through statutes of autonomy

22/05/2018 - The Constitutional Court dismisses, by unanimity, the appeal filed by Jordi Sánchez to suspend the decision regarding his provisional imprisonment and to grant him a temporary release from prison

22/05/2018 - The Constitutional Court dismisses the appeal filed by Oriol Junqueras to suspend the decisión regarding his provisional imprisonment

10/05/2018 - The Constitutional Court grants leave to proceed to the amparo appeal by the PPC against the resolution of the bureau of the Parliament of Catalonia allowing the delegation of their vote to Comín and Puigdemont, but does not adopt urgent precautionary measures

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