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26/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court declares that using full names as a search and location parameters in digital newspapers archives may violate the "right to be forgotten"

22/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court upholds the legality of imposing criminal and administrative sanctions to drivers of motor vehicles who lack a licence or an authorisation or do not hold the specific one

22/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court declares the supervening lack of object of the request to suspend the resolution dated 22 January 2018, which proposed to invest Puigdemont as president of Catalonia

20/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court upholds the constitutionality of the law adopted by Castilla-La Mancha on measures for the protection of health and the environment concerning hydraulic fracturing

07/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court dismisses by unanimity the appeal brought by Puigdemont against the central Government´s challenge concerning his investiture for the presidency of the Government of Catalonia

06/06/2018 - The Constitutional Court grants leave to proceed to the appeal brought by Ciudadanos against the resolutions of the Parliament of Catalonia that allowed to process the law proposal on the referendum on self-determination

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